TRAVEL: Island Hopping and Scuba Diving in Coron, Palawan

I know I’ve been MIA for these part few months, but I’m back and kickin’! I’ll try to post as much as I can. 🙂

The rainy days are here but it still make me want to go to the beach. So here’s a video when we went to Coron, Palawan December last year.

Special shoutout to Asia Grand View Hotel for our accommodation and to my Dive Master, Martin Huber of Reggae Dive Center.





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TRAVEL: Coron, Palawan

Look how beautiful Coron is. One of my most favourite beaches ever. <3 One more video soon!


Produced by: Cristhian Escolano

Special thanks to Asia Grand View Hotel for the warm accommodation. 🙂


Hope you like it!



How I fell in love with SYDNEY <3

Have you ever been to a place for the first time, and it was simply love at first sight? Like it instantly captured your heart, and you can’t wait to go back? That’s how I felt when I visited Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia. Sydney didn’t have to do much to make me fall in love with it; all it had to do was just be itself. 😉 Seriously! And because I want to make my trips as authentic as possible for my fans, I am opening my Australia travel diary exclusively on this site! Read on to discover my day to day adventure in the Land Of Oz!

Day1 and Day 2:

Like a scene in a romantic movie where the girl and the guy almost don’t meet because of different circumstances, that same thing happened to me on my Australia trip! We were supposed to leave on a Monday and my visa arrived on a Saturday. I am a strong believer that if things are meant to happen they will, and it turned out I was meant to go there.

When I first stepped off the plane, I immediately noticed the wonderful weather. It was about 18 degrees celsius there, not too hot, not too cold. Like the weather, the people and culture of Australia seemed to be so balanced, laidback even. I was so used to the hectic, fast-paced life in Manila, so just soaking in how relaxed Australia was felt really, really good. Australians are really into fitness, it is quite a usual thing to see people jog or bike around even on a weekday, and their well-rounded lifestyle really seemed to reflect on their physical appearance. There were so many beautiful people around!

Another thing I noticed was how diverse the culture was. People from different ethnicities were living in harmony. It looked like a global melting pot, and I thought it showed the maturity of the nation- how Australia believes in acceptance and respect of the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each person.

Speaking of diversity, I actually didn’t know that there are some Pinoys there who wanted to see me, so on my first day I posted on my social media accounts hoping to meet with my Pinoy friends. The day after I had a meet and greet with my fan-mily over there and I had a lot of fun! They were incredibly nice and sweet! Meeting some supporters in different countries is always super awesome, it shows just how small our world is and how Pinoys will always be connected to one another. You guys know who you are, and if you’re reading this, thank you again and I hope to see you again! <3

My first two days in Sydney were pretty hectic, just how I like it, hehe. (I’ve always been the type of girl who likes to be busy, who always has a lot of ideas and dreams and goals in her head) and since I was determined to make the most out of my trip, I jumped right in, took a city tour, and had a photo op at the famous Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s number one tourist destination; it has 8.2million visitors and more than 2,000 shows a year from concerts to plays to kiddie shows.

If you like nature (like me), and you have #InstagramGoals (like I do), check out Hyde Park and thank me later. It has several fountains, pretty theme gardens, lush greenery, and colorful flowers, perfect for your IG and Facebook photos. You can also go boating, play tennis, ride horses, or sit around and just make muni-muni …hehe.

Moving forward…here’s a travel tip for you all. As beautiful as Australia is, it can also be a tad bit pricey, (but worth it), so it is super important to know how to make the most out of your pocket money. To get around, I suggest you try the Hop On and Hop Off bus. For 50 Australian dollars, you get 24 hours of very convenient transportation. For one ticket you can go to various destinations. There are two lines, one blue line which has buses that will take you to Bondi, a suburb of Australia, and one red line which has buses that will give you a Sydney tour. The tours overlap at various stops, so you can jump from the blue line to the red line. There’s professional audio commentary on the buses about the places that you will go to, and every 15-20 minutes, a bus stops at each destination on the tour so if you want to stay longer at a place…no sweat! You just hop on the next bus! The city tour has 23 stops while the Bondi tour has 10 stops. Super sulit, right!?

Day 3:

While it’s good to have an itinerary, being open to your surroundings and talking to the locals can give you these once in a lifetime uber epic travel moments! On my third day, I saw these fliers at the ground floor of the hotel where we were staying. The fliers advertised a trip that included the Blue Mountains Manor House and Featherdale Wild Park for just 160 dollars. The best part was it turned out to be just me and my group on the trip, so I paid the price for a group tour and it turned out to be a solo tour! Don’t you just love these travel surprises?

And so for my third day I had my animal adventure at Featherdale Wildlife Park. If you do decide to go here, be ready for a hands-on experience with friendly, furry creatures! For 80 dollars you can hug a koala. Visitors can also feed a kangaroo, or if you have more budget you can have a private session with reptiles or mammals. This is an animal lover’s paradise! 119 Australian dollars will get you a meet and greet session with reptiles, while 149 dollars will get you a private session with a Wallaby, kangaroo,Quokka, possum, and wombat. Parang meet and greet lang with celebrities pero this time with animals!

Regarding foodie recommendations, don’t miss the Blue Mountains Manor House. The food is really yummy there; if you like a good steak go here! It was very delicious and the meal I had was part of our package. In every trip, just like life, there are ups and downs, and after sharing my highlights there was also a teeny low light. I felt a tad bit disappointed with the Three Sisters, it’s an unusual rock formation in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. If you like hiking you might enjoy the place, but after gazing at the huge rocks shaped like sisters, there wasn’t much to do here. A 20 minute walk will get you the closest to the rock formations and a photo here will could be a nice addition to your photo album.

Day 4:

On my fourth day, I had an experience I still dream about to this day! For 195 Australian dollars, I went on a wine tour in Hunter Valley and visited several vineyards. At the second vineyard I went to, if you like the wine you can bring home a bottle. I hardly drink alcohol, but since I am always on a quest to be healthy, I had some red wine. The antioxidants in red wine lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. In fact, several studies have shown that MODERATE wine consumption is better for you than not drinking at all. Operative word being MODERATE hehehe!

Day 5:

Happy birthday to me! I began my birthday by attending mass at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney to thank God for all my blessings and to thank Him in advance for all my future blessings. When you begin the day with prayer, you can never go wrong! And since it was my birthday, I also made it my shopping day, shopping for myself and for my loved ones. I was so excited to shop, I didn’t have lunch so I could peruse all the shops along Pitt street because the stores close at 5pm. I hope you get to learn from me too guys, because skipping meals is still wrong, so plan your day a bit earlier so you can visit all the stores.

The funny thing was, I was so busy buying chocolates for my friends and family I only got to buy an M and M chocolate bar and eyeliner. Okay lang naman, basta happy ang loved ones, happy na ako. Anyways, nabawi ko naman with a nice Italian birthday dinner at a restaurant at the Sydney Tower, It is Sydney’s tallest structure. Kung fan ka ng magagandang view, mabubusuog ka talaga sa mga view in Australia so don’t forget to bring extra power banks for your social media posts. After 5 glorious days I know even better why Australia used the tourism slogan “There’s Nothing Like Australia” –because they were telling the truth! I plan to study in Australia in the future, maybe take a couple of short courses here and there, because life is too short to not do what you want, right?

To end, I hope you enjoyed reading the pages of my Australian travel diary, and learned a few things along the way, as well. More than just entertain, I also want my readers to learn, and be inspired by my experiences and vice- versa. So do drop me a line on my social media accounts on my recent travel escapade, did you like it, hate it, or did I miss out on some valuable spots and fun experiences? Can’t wait to hear from you guys!




PS: Please watch my Sydney travel video on my YouTube channel: 😉


TRAVEL: Bangkok and Beyond x Open to the New Shades – Thailand

Here’s one of the videos we made for Cebu Pacific and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Shot in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and Pattaya. 🙂

Videos and editing by Kirby Studios Thailand 🙂

Special shoutout to Kirby Studios Thailand–Kirby, Top and Bank, CebPac’s Ms. Roxy and Gen for making the shoot fun and light. 🙂

You may see some of the campaigns on Cebu Pacific’s Facebook page. You can also book your tickets at (they fly from Manila to Bangkok once a day, everyday!)

Beyond Bangkok BTS Video:

Thailand BLOG:

Beyond Bangkok: Explore The New Shades Of Thailand

One of the things I really like about my job is how it gives me the opportunity to combine my work with my other passions. And travelling is definitely one of those passions. I super enjoy being able to travel for work! And quite recently, I was able to do just that when I visited one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia… Thailand!

It wasn’t my first visit to Thailand. I visited the country three times in the past. However, this last visit proved to be one of the most memorable, thanks to Cebu Pacific and the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s “Beyond Bangkok” project.

When most people think about going to Thailand, Bangkok is usually one of the first cities on their to-do list. And that’s not a wrong thing! Bangkok is great for shopping, and is a huge tourist destination. But did you know that Thailand isn’t just a shopping place? There are also nice beaches, temples and vineyards that are just a couple of hours drive from the city. Cebu Pacific flies to Bangkok once a day everyday, so I am sure that you will be able to find a flight to fit your schedule. If you are on a budget, you can just go on a day tour and be back to the main city right before nightfall.

One city I will never forget is Pattaya. It’s a resort city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. I got to pet an elephant at the Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary located at the Noong Nooch Garden. I was able to watch the elephant show and experienced having a massage by an elephant! I also got to pet and feed a tiger at Sriracha Tiger Zoo which is located on the outskirts of Pattaya in Sri Racha city. The zoo has about 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles! Wow!

You definitely won’t be able to miss the spectacular Buddha mountain also called Khao Cheejan. It is 130 meters high, 70 meters wide, and it was carved using lasers and inlaid with real gold leaf. It was created in 1996 to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 50 years on the throne. Isnt that amazing?! That’s another thing that I love about travelling, I like learning about the history of different countries and their cultures.

Once you get tired of walking around, don’t forget to check out the Pattaya floating market.It’s 100,000 square meters of food carts, fruit stalls, art galleries, etc. The market is divided into four sections; each section stands for the four major regions of Thailand. Don’t miss out on the food here, the food is really yummy, I liked their Pad Thai!

Another unforgettable stop was the Sanctuary Of Truth. It is 105 meters tall and is 100 percent hand carved with different types of wood. The intricate details on this structure blew me away! If you look closely at the wood, you will see carvings of elephants, people, and mythological deities. It was created by a Thai millionaire named Khun Lek Viriyaphant and is an ode to Thai craftsmanship. Thailand is definitely not lacking in breathtaking structures, and you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t visit them and perhaps even learn a little about them.

When you are done with Pattaya, go further back in time with a visit to Ayutthaya. Located just 80 kilometers north of Bangkok, it is full of ruins and there are plenty of magnificent Buddhist temples attractive to tourists just like the Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon .

Since it’s the start of the year, I know that you all are making your #travelgoals for 2018. Well, I would highly recommend that you include Thailand in your list. I would like to give a huge shout-out to the awesome people at Cebu Pacific for their wonderful service. The flights that I took were all on time, the staff onboard was very attentive, warm and accommodating, and the food was really good, too! I especially liked the salted egg chicken that they served. Special thank you also to Geneva and Ms. Roxy of CebPac, and the whole Kirby Studios Thailand–Kirby, Top and Bank for making the whole shoot in Thailand fun and memorable. 😉

For ticket bookings, log on to , they’ll be having a seat sale this week so go, book your tickets now and explore the new shades of Thailand! 🙂

That’s it for now guys! ‘Till my next adventure!




20 Things About Me on my 20th Birthday

Can you believe it? I just turned 20 last month! Time flies by so fast! Seems like it was only yesterday when I was the rosy-cheeked “Alice Bungisngis”, and now there’s no more “teen” beside my age! So you all know what that means, goodbye teenage life! Although, just between you and me, I don’t think there will be much of a difference. You know what they say-age is just a number! Ultimately, I am still the fun, adventurous, and ever curious Bea that you first saw on TV many years ago.

But after giving it much thought, I realized that turning 20 is still a milestone, and since I recently restarted this blogging journey, I thought about celebrating my 20th birthday by presenting 20 fun facts about me!

  1. I like to cook and bake. I like to bake crinkles, muffins, choco chips, and a bunch of other yummy treats!
  2. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. A fun time could be travelling and going out, or binge watching my favorite TV series at home.
  3. Hollywood TV series “Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scorpion,” “Riverdale,” “Designated Survivor,” “Blindspot,” “Bones,” “13 Reasons Why” and “Suits” are my top titles to binge watch. I like crime and politics-related kinds of series.
  4. When I am not working, I like to shop at the mall, watch a movie, or have coffee with friends. It might look a bit “tita,” for some, but I don’t really care, haha!
  5. I have never been drunk, ever. I don’t party. I don’t like crowded places.
  6. I love going to bookstores. I like to read and learn about new things. I also like the scent of books- is that weird? Hahaha!
  7. I like going to the grocery and doing errands.
  8. Some of my favorite drinks are coffee and tea. Green tea is my go-to flavor because I don’t like the flowery taste of the other variants.
  9. When I was younger, I thought I was a really techie person. But it turns out, no pala. I am not as techie as I thought I was. I still have sooo much to learn when it comes to technology, and I am pretty excited about that. Bring it on!
  10. I have never ridden an MRT or LRT here in the Philippines (but I would like to try it!). I have ridden in trains in different countries.
  11. Food is life! I prefer bread over rice. I’m a self-confessed carnivore. I like sweets like chocolates, ice cream and crepes, but strangely enough I don’t eat cakes (I throw up) ☹
  12. My favorite color is black, (is that even a color?). But I recently had a thing for millennial pink, army green, navy blue and gray.
  13. One of my dreams and goals in life is to be a news anchor, and that dream is slowly but surely coming true! In fact, I have a show under GMA News and Public Affairs, the title of the program is “Good News” and it airs GMA News TV. One of my first shows was “Lovely Day,” an informative news and public affairs TV show which I co-hosted with miss Love Anover. I love hosting because I get to learn a lot and meet different and interesting people.
  14. Adventure is life-r! I like to do adventurous and sporty things like target shooting, mountain climbing and scuba diving (I am now a licensed open water diver, FINALLY!). In fact, to skydive in Dubai is part of my bucket list.
  15. I like adventures, but strangely enough I don’t even know how to ride a bike, I learned it once, but I don’t know yet if I still know how now. Haha.
  16. I want to enroll in a culinary school after finishing my current course.
  17. Maldives and Iceland are my top dream destinations.
  18. Coron, Palawan is my favorite go to beach destination. I just love the beaches over there!
  19. Pants > skirts. Shirts or polos > dresses. Sneaks > heels. But I always need to wear heels because I’m tiny. #Petiteproblems, hehe!
  20. I have a little sister, her name is Benice, and she’s 9 years old.


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