An actress by heart, a total performer, impromptu host, sports practitioner, identified foundation enthusiast and now a recording artist. What else can you think of a Bea Binene can’t do? At first sight, one may conclude right away that Bea is kikay and that she loves the limelight. However, gone are the days when that’s all you can say about her.

Born Beanca Marie L. Binene, she was known as Bea Binene by the fans who have loved her ever since she competed in the reality-based artista search Starstruck Kids. Bea automatically shone among all the cute little girls because she was way more mature than all of them, and in a good way. She first showcased her talent in the successful sitcom Bahay Mo Ba ‘To and been part of the award-winning infotainment GMA Public Affair show, Lovely Day.

Although she didn’t win as the ultimate female kiddie survivor for the show, that didn’t stop the feisty Bea from being passionate about acting, performing and hosting. She appeared in several Kapuso shows before earning a big break in the prime time tween series First Time. Viewers absolutely adored her even if she played the kontrabida-kikay Natalie. After her stint in First Time, Bea also played Alice in her first solo lead role in the magical drama Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis, Berna in her very own heavy drama soap for Dramarama sa Hapon Pahiram Ng Isang Ina, the heroine Blade Girl and boyish Misha on Capt. Barbell. She was the teen Luna in the first multi-generation soap Luna Blancaand an orphan in her title role Cielo De Angelina, GMA Films’ first project for television.

Today, she is busy with GMA’s magical drama Home Sweet Home as Lucy and a modern vampire in Vampire Ang Daddy Ko. She is also a regular in Party Pilipinas and recently included as regular cast in Pepito Manaloto. Being recognized with her accomplishments, she is the junior reporter at Good News with Vicky Morales at GMA NewsTV. Her recent milestone as a record artist received Gold and Platinum awards for her debut album “Hey It’s Me, Bea.”She also had the chance to be the Celebrity VJ for the month of September in MYX Philippines.

What most people don’t know about Bea is that despite being known as kikay, she practices Wushu and even won a bronze medal in the Nationals tournament. Bea Binene is the first ever Philippine Wushu Ambassador. Her passion for sports doesn’t stop there because this young lady still wants to learn other sports like target shooting, jet skiing and swimming.

What’s more, Bea is not only an actress and an athlete, but also a business-minded youngster. She does her own marketing for her projects and endeavors.

Doing good deeds for others is also a must for Bea. She has been recognized with her advocacies and involvement in foundations. These include as GMA Kapuso Foundation enthusiast, Junior Ambassador for Conservation of Haribon Foundation since 2005 and I Am A Girl ambassador of Plans International. She supports Plans International’ Campaign Against Children’s Rights and Campaign Against Climate Change and the ambassador for Philippine Biochar Association. Recently, she is acknowledged as the Wushu Federation of the Philippines ambassador.

Through the years, people have dearly loved and supported Bea, not only because of her tremendous potential but also for her right work attitude. Despite her busy schedule, Bea makes sure her communication lines with fans are always open—in fact, she constantly connect with accounts. Bea is also the new addition of celebrity blogger in Yahoo!PH.

With her innate talents and positive attitude, Bea is truly on her way to make her own mark in Philippine showbiz–and who knows, maybe in sports, too! So get ready because Bea Binene–the coolest lady on the block–is well on her way to capturing everyone’s hearts!


Age : 19 years old
Birth Date : November 4, 1997
Birthplace : Quezon City
Citizenship : Filipino
Religion : Roman Catholic
Religion : Roman Catholic
Height : 5’1”
Weight : 45 kilos / 90 pounds
Languages/Dialects Spoken : Tagalog and English

INTERESTS: Movies, books, food, fashion, music, public service

TALENTS: Dancing, singing, acting, hosting,

SPORTS: Wushu, swimming, wall climbing, jet skiing


Home Sweet Home– Lead role (Lucy, a girl who went inside a haunted house and had a doppelganger.)
Vampire Ang Daddy Ko – Regular cast (Bebe, a modern vampire)
Cielo De Angelina– Lead role (Angelina, an orphan who was adopted by her real father.)
MYX Philippines- Celebrity VJ for the month of September
Pepito Manaloto- Regular guest (Erika)
Party Pilipinas– Regular dancer, singer and host
Luna Blanca– Lead role (Luna, a dark teenager, a daughter of an “enkanto”)
Good News! – Regular host
Alice Bungisngis– Lead role (Alice, a good witch who has a very cute “bungisngis’)
Captain Barbell– Supporting role (Misha/Blade, tomboyish girl with powers /a superhero with a sword as a weapon)
Ilumina- Supporting role (Tina)
Reel Love Presents: “Tween Hearts”– Lead role (Belinda Fortez)
Pahiram Ng Isang Ina- Lead role (Berna, a poor girl who met her real mother when she and her brother pretended to be the children of their mom unexpectedly.)
First Time– Lead role (Natalie Dimaculangan, a brat kikay but loving daughter
Lovely Day– Regular host and cast Award-winning fantasy-magazine show
Bahay Mo Ba ‘To?- Regular cast (Junabeth Mulingtapang daughter of Gladys Reyes and Wendell Ramos)
Starstruck Kids- Final Six, first reality show for children


Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog (Commercial)
– Woman in the supermarket saying “guard, patulong naman oh”
Nestle Chuckie Choco drink (Commercial)
-Dancing commercial


Ayala Mall’s “LILO AND STITCH “- as Lilo
Trumpets Playshop’s “ANNIE- as Molly (friend of Annie)


GMA Kapuso Foundation
Haribon Foundation
Campaign against Children Rights of PLAN International
Campaign against Climate Change of PLAN International
Philippine Biochar Association


Colgate Optic White best in Hair and Make UP Yahoo! OMG! Awards 2013
Candy Magazine’s Candy Style Awards 2013, Most Stylish BFF
Platinum Record Awards for Hey It’s Me, BEA
ASAP 2012, 24K Gold Awards
Gold Record Award for Hey It’s Me, BEA
MYX Music Awards 2013, Favorite Remake and Favorite Music Video (nominated)
Yahoo OMG! Awards 2012 (nominated)
32nd Family Entertainment Awards. Outstanding Teleserye Young Actress
Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation’s 43rd Box-Office Entertainment Awards – Most Promising Loveteam for Movies and TV (win)
2010 German Moreno Youth-Achievement Award (win)


First Philippine Wushu Ambassador of Wushu Federation of the Philippines
First Teen Celebrity Blogger for Yahoo! OMG
One of the most-searched celebrities on Yahoo!PH
Has 500,000+ Followers on Twitter, 600,00+ Fans on Facebook and 66,000+ Followers on Instagram
One of the Top 10 artists with highest page views/hits on iGMA.tv/GMA Network.com Live Chat
Was able to go on a speech at the Malacanang Palace for PLAN International.
Was able to represent the country in HongKong Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride opening alone.
Was able to cover Windows of the World in ShenZhen, China alone for Lovely Day.
Young Reporter – GMA 7